Lent Lament

Our Heavenly Father who seek true worshippers, may You find them amongst those who worship You online today. 

Forgive our casual worship. We confess watching the service online like spectator worshippers instead of participating and engaging in the offering of praises and prayers. We no longer sing openly, pray silently and give enthusiastically.

Forgive our careless worship. We confess at times our minds are on everything else rather than on You whom we come to worship. Our attention divided between the preaching of Your word and the messages on our mobile phone. We think no one can see us in our pajamas lying on bed with one hand holding a cup of coffee and the other the remote. But You see and You know the condition of all our hearts.

Forgive our consumerist worship. We confess we sometimes channel surf to find another church online that is more sleek and interesting, looking for singing and preaching more suited to our liking. Forgive us for clamoring to be entertained. 

Forgive us, our living, holy and sovereign God of the universe. By the inspiration of Your Holy Spirit, help us today and always to be true worshippers that worship You in truth and spirit. For the glory of Your Son Jesus Christ and in His wonderful Name we pray. Amen.


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