The Surgeon Psalm

Just back from the hospital today and feeling utterly blessed and grateful.

I feel more blessed than the paralytic who was carried by four friends into the healing presence of Jesus (Mark 2:1-12). 

I had more than four who carried me in prayer throughout the surgical procedure. That alone, I am truly blessed and grateful.

Today I am coming back to thank God for a successful surgery.

I don’t want to be numbered among the nine lepers who were healed and didn’t return to thank Jesus.

With grateful praise and deep adoration for the Lord, I wrote:

The Lord is my Surgeon. I have nothing to fear.

He wheels me to the operating theatre. 

He leads the team of doctors and nurses. 

He makes use of their skills and training to aid my healing. 

He wants the restoration of health and wholeness to bring honour to His name. 

Yes, even if it takes many hours under deep sedation, I will not be afraid of anything, because He is with me and for me. 

His scalpel will make the right incision and precise excision. 

He sees every area with His scope and targets His treatment. 

His scalpel and scope they comfort me. 

He prepares a table of nursing care, rehab support and dietary needs for my full and complete recovery. I have everything I need. 

Surely, I will testify and give thanks for His goodness and mercy follow me all the days of my life. 

Indeed I live in the presence of my Lord now and forevermore.

I called this, “The Surgeon Psalm.” 


4 thoughts on “The Surgeon Psalm

  1. Pollylim says:

    Dear pastor

    Thanks so much for inking your thoughts n God’s words. Though I’m not 67 but born In the year of 67. I know how it feels to see that horizon

    Thank you for the encouraging words that God is indeed present as the surgeon for you.

    It’s helps to spur me on my prayer journey

    I’m seeking God about my friends as I see my family fading off. Keeping my faith no matter what.

    I believe as you Pen down the thanksgiving of healing our Lord continues to be close to you.

    Thank you pastor n keep writing



  2. Celine Yeo says:

    Hi Ps, I met up with Polly yday (Sunday) after our first in-person service and she mentioned about your surgery. I’m thankful that you are well and appreciate your thoughts on coming up with the prayer based on Psalm 23. It’s truly encouraging. I pray the Lord will heal you nicely. Take care! Celine


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