Under Construction

Ruth Bell Graham was the wife of Billy Graham. She was a dynamic Christian woman. In her lifetime she authored 13 books. She was no less a spiritual giant like her husband. Her knowledge of the Bible and her commitment to prayer were always an inspiration to everyone who knew her.

When Billy Graham was away from home much of the time on national and international crusades, Ruth single-handedly looked after their five children. She was literally “a single mum.”

Besides, she was very involved in community work and was also a close advisor and counsellor to many ministerial wives.

Billy Graham said this of her, “My wife, Ruth, was the most incredible woman I have ever known. Whenever I was asked to name the finest Christian I ever met, I always replied, my wife, Ruth.”

When Ruth died in 2007, one would expect words that reflect this remarkable woman to be engraved on her gravestone. Wordslike “Here lies an incredible woman or a remarkable wife or a wonderful mother.” But strangely nothing of that was chosen for her gravestone.

It seems one day Ruth had been driving along a highway through a construction site. And there were miles and miles of dusty roads, messy excavations; unsightly heaps of dirt, machinery, equipment and cautionary signs that say, “Detour,” “Works Ahead,” “Slow Down,” and “Sorry for the Inconvenience.”

Eventually she came to the last final sign and it reads, “End of construction. Thank you for your patience.

And that’s what Ruth Bell Graham chose to be written on her gravestone.Gravestone of Ruth Graham

If Ruth Graham, an accomplished Christian woman sees her entire life as one “Under Construction,” what more all of us.

Every Christian, even the very best amongst us, is “under construction.” If you understand that, I think it would made it so much easier for you to forgive the “let downs” from a fellow Christian instead of hollering out, “Why are you so like that? Call yourself a Christian!”

Christians are under construction. That’s why they are so like that!

But being under construction is not an excuse for not working at becoming better Christians.

If you are not working towards developing Christian graces and building Christian character, then you would look very pathetic, if not disappointing like those partially constructed discarded buildings, which you sometime see along the NS highway.

Mrs James Hudson, a Christian missionary, became blind towards the end of her life. Someone asked her, “Why should you suffer after all the years of service doing things for God and for other people? Why should this happen to you?”

She replied, “I suppose God wants to put the finishing touches to my character.”

UnknownYou are under construction.

May you look better with each passing year showing increasing evidence of the fruit of the Spirit.

May you look the best at the end of it as God put the finishing touches!


One thought on “Under Construction

  1. Celine Yeo says:

    Thank you for the reminder that we are Under Construction, that He is still Putting the Finishing Touches. How true. May we live our lives to be better Christians too!


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