The Beast

During the Singapore Summit, the US President rode in his state car, dubbed, “the Beast.”The beast

This iconic limousine is a bulletproof and bombproofCadillac that weighs eight tons. It is armored with six features.

  • Emergency oxygen supply in the event of a chemical attack
  • Kevlar-reinforced tyres that are resistant to punctures
  • Steel rims that allow the car to keep moving even on deflated tyres
  • An armour-plated fuel tank encased in protective foam to withstand crashes and small-arms fire
  • A steel plate beneath the car to protect the chassis system from bomb and grenade blasts

The US President sitting in this heavily armored car must have felt so safe and secure that he even showed it off to his North Korean counterpart.

We travel in the journey of life. And sometimes the road ahead takes us through unconceivable dangers, unexpected crisis and surprising challenges.

We too need a protective armor. And God has provided. It is dubbed, “the whole armor of God” in Ephesians 6:11-17.

It too has six defensive and offensive features.

  • Helmet of salvation, worn on the head to guard the mind, which is the seedbed of suggestive evil and wickedness
  • Breastplate of righteousness that protects against scathing allegations, devastating criticisms and demoralizing gossips
  • Belt of truth that prevents being swayed by clever arguments, convincing falsehoods and persuasive lies
  • Shoes of peace that keeps us on toes for fear of discrediting the message of the gospel of peace we bring
  • Shield of faith that is able to counter and extinguish all the fiery darts of the wicked one
  • Sword of the Word of God, which alone is the most powerful and effective answer to every pull of sin and temptation

You don’t have to be the US President to feel safe and secure. You have “the whole armor of God.”

Wear it everyday and everywhere you go.



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