Pig In Pot

Pig in PotMolly was one of 57 Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs in an animal sanctuary in British Columbia.

She was painstakingly nursed back to health by the rescue workers.

When a couple from Vancouver Island adopted her,it was hoped she would live a happy and healthy life.

But her new owners could not cope with looking after her. They had trouble training and managing her. The work of caring for her was just too much.

Consequently this pot-bellied pig ended in a cooking pot. Who would have thought this cute, adorable and precious pig would one day be eaten by her new “trusted” owners? (I assure you they are not Chinese).

It brought a shocking outcry from readers like me, “Poor pig!”

“Poor Pig” – those words of anguish has a familiar ring to it. We say in similar disheartening cry, “Poor Soul.”

Owning a pet pig is one thing. Taking good care of it is quite another. As with caring for any precious pet, caring for one’s precious soul requires effort, time and dedication.

So Jesus says, For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?” (Mark 8:36) 

Jesus is saying the soul is precious and there is danger of losing it.

We lose it by putting our soul in storage as we pursue personal success and achievement. The demands of modern living and the priorities we give them eventually drain the life out of our soul. And suddenly one day we are awakened to the feeling of being spiritually dried up for we have not prayed, read the Holy Scriptures, attend Church and fellowship with other Christian believers for weeks, months or even years.

How well is your soul these days?

It was not for no reason John Wesley required the leaders of the early Methodist Class Meetings to enquire about the condition of the soul of everyone. Those small group meetings opened with the leader asking, “How is it with your soul?”

More than asking, “How is your physical health? How is your family or how is your work?” the one most important question is, “How is it with your soul?”

Are you caring for your soul? Is your soul healthy? Can you say with all honesty, it is well with my soul?

We cried with sickening disgust when we learned about the pig in pot. Shouldn’t we feel the same when we see our soul in storage of neglect?


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