Year of the Dog

Lunar New Year celebration is just round the corner.

The festive mood started a few weeks ago. By now most of us would have done our shopping for food, clothes and decorations for the coming long weekend festivities.

In every shopping mall, heartland market and retail stall, we see this ubiquitous animal icon. And you know this is the Year of the Dog in the Chinese Zodiac calendar.

I have to admit that I do not subscribe to the astrological meaning of this zodiac sign.

I believe every year is the Year of the Lord. And every year we “proclaim the acceptable year of the LORD” (Luke 4:19).

Year of the DogI must confess I do love dogs. My dog, Yuzu, a Golden Retriever taught me many things about my relationship with God.

She taught me patience and how to wait. I would place a biscuit on her snout and told her to “wait” until I say the “ok.” She manages marvelously well. And I notice she kept her eyes on me all the time and not on the tempting treat.

It was for me a lesson on how to wait on the Lord and how to deal with temptation – keep your eyes on the Lord.

I might be showing off this to my friends and relatives who come visit.

And since many of us would be texting our Chinese New Year (CNY) well wishes, I thought it good for me to let my greetings connect them to God.

Here’s what I wrote and sent:

May you always BARK about the goodness of God, BOW at His sovereign wisdom and WOW at His all-sufficient grace, assuring you of a PAW-sitive future. For our FAITHFUL God always STAY by our side to POOCH-tect us even when we STRAY re-CUR-ringly. He is MAN’S BEST FRIEND ever. WOOFING with you on this Lunar New Year of the DOG. For those who are dyslexic it is GOD.


One thought on “Year of the Dog

  1. Celine Yeo says:

    Yuzu is such a sweetie from the photo! I can imagine her gazing at you before you say ‘yes’. Thanks for the woof-erdul pray. Wishing you His goodness & blessings this CNY. Hope to see you at BMC soon.


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