Constant Change

Very few things in life remain the same.Constant Change

Every passing year brings to me the stark awareness of changes in the world, in the ministry, in the family and in my body.

The world is becoming more digitized. I find myself catching up with e-banking, e-payment, e-parking and online shopping for grocery and cabs. I am struggling to embrace a new world that is cashless, card-less and counter staff-less.

My ministry has also changed. I will no longer be the Pastor in charge of a church. I serve under a younger Pastor in a new church of different congregation profile, church vision and leadership styles.

The best thing about this new church is that it is located near my home.

This morning on my first day to work, I cycled to my new office. The distance may be short but the way there seems to be on an uphill gradient. I literally had to pass through Lorong “Chuan” (Hokkien for “breathless”). Age has reduced my physical prowess. I am not as fast, fit and in top form. I have to come to terms with my bodily decline, particularly my weak knees.

Change is the constant we all have to accept, adapt and adjust. Those who could not embrace changes can never enjoy the ever-changing scenery of life.

However, I am ever thankful for one constant in life.

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever” (Hebrews 13:8).

I enter this New Year with the strong and quiet confidence that He is with me through every change in the season and scenery in my ministry, in my family and in my body.


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