Stroke Stokes Prayers

One very early morning, I received the terrible news that my church member Jenny had suffered a stroke.

Jenny was on a mission trip to Kapit, a small town in Sarawak in East Malaysia. It was towards the end of their trip when team members found her unconscious. The ambulance came. They suspected stroke. The small town hospital does not have the needed facility for this. She was quickly ferried on a two and a half hour ride down River Rajang to the nearest hospital in Sibu. They confirmed bleeding on the left side of her brain. Her siblings came and decided to airlift her to Singapore for the surgical operation. The aneurysm clipping was successful. But she remained in an unconscious state for nearly three weeks.

Stroke Stokes PrayersAll this time, the entire church was activated to pray for Jenny. There was no let up in prayers by members in small groups, in chat group and collectively as a congregation on Sundays.

I led the Church during service to pray thus:

O God our Father, hear our prayers. Show forth Your great mercy to our beloved sister Jenny – for her life, her hope and her strength and ours are all in Your hands. 

Grant her a safe and smooth evacuation to the hospital in Singapore. Let Your holy angel accompany her and minister to her. Give to the doctors and medical team great skills and wisdom.

Reveal O Lord, the wonder of Your grace, love and power. Preserve not only her life but also the quality of her life.  

By the Hand of Your healing grace, stop the bleeding in her brain, ease the pressure in her head, reduce the clot, repair the damaged tissues and nerves and restore the function of her speech and use of her limbs. 

We believe You will show forth Your good in this bad situation; and let the revelation of Your glory be marveled by us, especially her siblings. 

This we pray in simple faith and agreement through Jesus Christ, our Lord, our Savior, our Good Shepherd and our Great Physician. Amen.

The leadership of the church then decided to take a collection to help Jenny defray part of her accumulated medical bill.

Again we prayed:

Dear God our Father, we persist to pray for our beloved sister Jenny. We will keep praying until her health and strength returns. No matter what the medical prognosis may be, we want to believe with You nothing is impossible and all healing grace comes from you. 

Today as we take this collection for Jenny, let our giving comes from the bottom of our hearts that correspond to Your Word telling us, “as we have opportunity, let us do good to all, especially to those who are of the household of faith.”

Bless our giving. Let it demonstrate to the pre-believing siblings of Jenny, the love, care and support by the family of Christ in MCI. Your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord says, “By this all will know we are your disciples if we love one another.”  

So be it – let this gift and all our prayers leave an indelible impression in the hearts of pre-believers whom Jenny had always sought to win. This we pray in faith in the name of Jesus Christ and for His glory. Amen.

The stroke Jenny suffered had stoked prayers in the entire Church.

And God heard the cries of His people. For since the beginning of this week, Jenny opened her eyes, gave us her brightest smile and raised her hands to praise the Lord.


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