Thankful Is Not Accidental

It was a fishing trip I was looking forward to, especially after a hectic week of meetings and ministries.

Got up at 3.30am, packed my fishing gears into the car and headed out to pick up my fishing buddies.

En route as I approached a traffic junction I heard a loud bang at the rear of my car. The driver behind had rammed his car on mine.

A barrage of thoughts went through my mind. Did I do something wrong? How could this happen on an empty brightly lit road? Does this mean our fishing trip is now cancelled? How do I make an accident report? Most of all, how am I going to tell my wife that I got into an accident with our fairly new car?

The dent on my bumper was pretty nasty. It didn’t drop off but stuck out.

The other car was also damaged on its front fender. Other than the driver, there was no other passenger. He got out of his car, examined the damage and took some photos.

What annoyed me most was his refusal to admit wrong. Smoking a cigarette, he remarked, “I don’t know what happen. Either you are too slow or I am too fast.”

In the midst of my annoyance and racing thoughts of insurance reporting and fishing friends waiting, a scriptural verse seeped into mind,

“In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you” (I Thessalonians 5:18).

I decided I would give thanks.

I thank God that I was not hurt. I did not suffer any whiplash.

I thank God no one was injured in this accident.

I thank God that even though there was damage yet it was not that serious.

I thank God that I could still drive my car to go fishing with my friends.

And I thank God it wasn’t me who hit another car.

I choose to give thanks.

Being thankful is not accidental but always intentional.


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