Launch Prayer Missiles

Last Sunday I rallied the church to launch some prayer missiles.

It is an offensive we cannot afford not to take in the light of the escalating situation over North Korea’s missile provocation.

Even more alarming was the recent unprecedented testing of a powerful hydrogen bomb that created a magnitude 6.3 tremor.

The thought that such a weapon of mass destruction can be loaded on to an intercontinental ballistic missile has shocked and shaken the nations of the world.

I strongly feel in such a time as this, Christian believers need to join in hope, unite in faith and stand in agreement to launch their sorties of prayer missiles.

Join me to pray:

Our Sovereign Lord who reign over the world, You are the God of all nations. You love the world.  

We pray for the alarming threat of a nuclear war.

We believe this nuclear missile threat can be stopped, not with “fire and fury” but by prayer and supplications.

You tell us in Your Word not to be anxious about anything but in everything by prayer and supplication.

And so,

In the name of Jesus, contain this potentially dangerous situation from spiraling out of control.

In the name of Jesus, temper the rashness of all leaders concerned. 

In the name of Jesus, thwart the nuclear capability of these nuclear scientists.

In the name of Jesus, frustrate the efforts of those military engineers seeking to push the trajectory of the missiles. 

In the name of Jesus, break the deadlock of negotiation.

In the name of Jesus ease the tension between North Korea and United States.

In the name of Jesus, the Prince of Peace, we speak peace to the Korean Peninsula.

Lord, in Your mercy … Hear our prayers.


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