Hurricane Harvey Havoc

hurricaneThe past week saw me praying for the havoc caused by hurricane Harvey. This is what I prayed.

Our good Father in heaven, I join Christian believers in Texas, Louisiana and the United States to pray for the storm crisis and catastrophic damage caused by hurricane Harvey.

I ask for a manifestation of Your mercy, grace and compassion in the vast storm hit areas.

I pray for Your divine protection over those who are still in danger.

I pray You will bring to safety those who are still missing.

I pray You will care in a special way those who were already homeless before this devastating disaster.

Grant Your peace to those who are in fear and anxiety. 

Grant Your healing to those who are sick and injured.  

Grant Your solace to those who are bereaved over the loss of their loved ones. 

Lord of land and sea, still the storm, command the wind and the waves, cause the water to recede and the flood to subside. 

I speak against those who want to take advantage of the crisis to break into homes, shops and businesses to loot and steal.

I pray for the spirit of community, kinship and cooperation to arise.

I pray for the churches there to be beacon of hope to their surrounding communities suffering from the wreckage. I pray for the Church to be the incarnation of Your hands and Your feet by providing shelter, food and clothing to those in need, especially in the worst hit city called Corpus Christi, which means in Latin, “the Body of Christ.” 

I pray You will bless the relief and rescue efforts of all emergency workers, agencies and volunteers. Bless them with the necessary tools, skills and resources. Give them strength and resilience. Protect them from dangers, especially our 4 RSAF helicopters joining in the relief work.

Lord Jesus, show Yourself to be our Refuge, our Strength and our very present Help in times of trouble (Psalm 46:1).

Lord, in Your mercy … Hear our prayers.


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