Fringe to Front

She is just a cloakroom girl. But she was plucked from the fringe of collecting tickets and checking in coats to perform in front of an audience at the world famous Wigmore Hall.

Milly ForrestMilly Forrest, the 23-year-old cloakroom attendant was asked by the director who heard about her singing abilities to stand in for a soprano taken ill suddenly.

With just less than two days to rehearse, Milly took to the stage. She wowed the opera critics with her “exquisite performance.” She was touted as a future star with a voice that “floated heavenwards.”

Milly recalled how she nearly missed the chance of a lifetime because she had left her mobile phone at home as the director tried desperately to contact her.

If she had called back 10 minutes later, the opportunity would have been given to one of the 17 singers waiting to take on the role.

It was a dream came true for Milly Forrest who has always wanted to “sing at one of the big opera house stages.”

She went from fringe to front.

Stephen and Philip were two of the seven chosen to serve tables (Acts 6:5).

They too were on the fringe of arranging tables and distributing food to the widows.

Several verses later, we find Stephen moved from the fringe of social administration to the front of powerful preaching (Acts 6:8-15). He became the first martyr but not after he left a lasting impression on Saul of Tarsus.

Philip too went from the fringe of social work to the front of evangelistic work. In fact he became the first missionary to bring the gospel to the Samaritans and the Ethiopian official (Acts 8:4-8; 28-40).

Do you feel stuck in the fringe? Do you find yourself on the peripheral doing the mundane? Have you ever dream of being on the frontline of ministry?

Like Milly, Stephen and Philip, be ready to be moved from fringe to front.

Are you holding on to your “mobile phone” of spiritual connection?

Keep it close to you.

You just might get a call to move from fringe to front.


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