Drive on Empty

Church Camp is over. Praise God we have a good one.

I was giving a ride to our Camp Speaker. It was a 255km drive from Melaka to Singapore.

After lunch I checked the fuel gauge in my car. It was nearly half tank. We passed a Petrol Kiosk along the way. I didn’t turn in as I presumed there was enough to take us to the next stop to top up.

Unfortunately my Honda Odyssey 2.4 MPV is a guzzler. Halfway en route I saw the gauge dropped to just two bars. I was starting to look out for the next gas station. But every rest stop we passed didn’t have one.

Soon the warning orange light came on the dashboard. I imagine I could still make it to the last big rest stop just before the customs checkpoint where I usually fill up my tank before heading home. I pressed on. It was another 18km.

Drive on EmptyBy then the orange light brightened and soon turned to blinking red. Worry began to set in. I was desperate for any gas station. I didn’t care if it’s not my preferred gasoline.

I began to turn off the air conditioning and kept to a lower speed to conserve fuel. I was now praying for God to show His mercy. Prayers were intercepted by foreboding thoughts of leaving my car and passengers on the road shoulder to go look for a petrol kiosk or a tow truck or a kind soul to come to our aid.

Then my wife suggested we should turn into the nearest town. I wasn’t that optimistic as I felt it would still be a long way in before finding a gas station.

One km into the small town, just when my worst fear was about to set in, I saw a small signpost – “PETRONAS 800m.” Needless to say, I was overjoyed.

But the car was showing signs of choking. I felt the engine could die any time. Worse still, I missed the turning into the service road. When I finally reached the pump, I used up the last drop of fuel.

I filled up my empty tank like a man absolutely parched and thirsty for a drink.

Driving our car on the empty and driving our ministry on the empty are very much the same.

We think there is enough fuel so we push on until we feel our soul choking.

We need to refuel before we even reached that state.

Have you passed by such fuel stations? Have you missed the opportunities for spiritual refill? Have you checked your soul gauge lately?

At the filling station, turned off your engine, don’t move and wait for the flow to fill you.

Be filled with the Spirit,” Ephesians 5:8 urges or as the Message phrases it, “Drink the Spirit of God, huge draughts of Him.” 

Never drive on empty. It’s really a bad idea. I know.


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