An Exalted Nation

Singapore just celebrated her 52nd National Day on 9th August 2017.SG 52

Churches were led to pray for our nation using the 40-Day Prayer Guide. We have congregated in one common venue to pray for our island city-state of 5.7 million.

This small island, which can be crossed by car within 1 hour from east to west, has been referred to as “the little red dot.”

I have been praying for Singapore to be an exalted nation.

What exalts a nation?

It is not modernisation that exalts a nation.

I am all for a smart nation. There is no sidestepping from this need to stay up to date and competitive in this fast changing world that is becoming more and more automated, digitalized and cashless.

It is not education that exalts a nation.

History tells us that the two World Wars were started by the most educated nation. A third one may just be on the horizon, incited by nations educated in developing nuclear warheads. One would assume education has taught us there are no winners in war, especially a nuclear one. Surely we would have learned from the atrocities of wars. But sadly, it is not so. We are seeing education has made more devilish geniuses who think they can get away with crime, wrongs and misdeeds.

It is not economic power that exalts a nation.

The wealthiest nations of this world have seen their social fabric torn by materialism, consumerism and hedonism. Such is the bane of economic affluence. Rich as these nations are, they still could not eradicate poverty and social discontent in their midst.

It is not military might that exalts a nation.

The likes of military superpowers like the Assyrians, the Babylonians, the Persians and the Romans could not put down the movement of the people of God who blessed and kept them through the rise and fall of empires.

What then exalts a nation?

Solomon, the wisest king tells us:

Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people” (Proverbs 14:34).

I am praying for righteousness to be a distinguishing mark of Singapore.

Without this undergirding virtue, all our progress in modernisation and education, economic prosperity and total defence would be in vain.

I am praying for an honest, clean and morally upright government whose principle permeates all private sectors and communal life.

I am praying for a righteousness that will not be swayed by popular beliefs, viewpoints and agenda.

I am praying for a righteousness that will not buckle under socio-political pressure, cross border fears and favours of foreign powers.

Let this “little red dot” shine in righteousness. For only then we are an exalted nation.


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