WWGIt’s not a misspell. Not WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) but WWG (Wrestling With God).

Who dare enters such a match. Jacob did in Genesis 32:22-32. All of us too if only we knew.

Last night I had a WWG.

My life was in a mess. I was not pleased with what I have been. I did things that I was not proud of. Esau is now coming to get even.

In this confrontation I knew I had placed my family in grave danger. I was in a tight spot. I was able to come out of a bad situation with some deceitful ingenuity. But not any more. To minimize collateral damage I divided the advance party in two groups in case one were attack the other could escape. I thought I could appease my avenger with a train of presents that I was sending ahead of me. I was counting on my wit, relying on my cleverness and trusting my ingenuity. I was called “deceiver” not for nothing.

Now my own flesh and blood, my twin brother is my archenemy. And he is coming to me with a vengeance.

I could not sleep. I was having insomnia. My mind was troubled. I kept thinking of all manner of ills and evil coming my way. Even the rippling sounds of flowing water at Jabbok River could not soothe my fears and anxieties. In fact I could see 400 negative thoughts and suggestions rumbling towards me.

Just when I was feeling where is God in all this, a man came out of nowhere. He looks like he was walking on water like the Spirit of God hovering over the face of the waters. He is strong. His eyes are inscrutable. There seemed a familiar fear about Him.

He grappled hold of me and I of him.

A wrestling match ensued. He threw a submission hold on me. I was not just about to give up. Then He did a body press, the weight of his glory was unbearable. But I held on.

We wrestled through the night. The longer we wrestled the more I recognized who I was contending with. I was having a WWG.

As dawn was about to break, He gave a hip attack. He went for my hip socket. It was excruciating. I felt the pain was hard to endure but even harder still is the blessing I haven’t yet received from Him.

In spite all the punishing head butt, knee drop, shoulder chops and elbow smash, I refused to give up until He given me His blessing.

I said to God, “I will not let You go unless You bless me!”

He was greatly pleased with my response. Then He asked my name. Name speaks of character. He wanted my character to change. He wanted to give me a new name. I had to surrender my fears, my past hurts and most of all my utter reliance on intellect, clever plans and human maneuvers.

When I woke, everything seemed different. My fears of Esau dissipated. My worries for my family vanished. Even the frightening thought of losing my life was gone. I was ready to meet Esau and his company of 400.

I wrestled with God.

I won. But I think He let me.


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