I Say He Says

I met a new visitor to our church. She is a single mum.

Tears welled up in her eyes as she recalled her only son passed away last September. He was push over the stairs, sustained a hemorrhage and died.

Ever since that day when her 27-year-old son died, she spiraled into inconsolable pain and deep grief.

She told me there were many times she wanted to end her life. But something kept her. She gave me a paper in a plastic covering as if it is her most precious treasure.

On it are written:

I say, “It is impossible.” He says, “With Me all things are possible” (Luke 18:27)

I say, “I am exhausted.” He says, “Wait on Me, I will renew your strength” (Isaiah 40:31)

I say, “Nobody loves me.” He says, “I loved you with an everlasting love” (Jeremiah 31:3)

I say, “I can’t go on.” He says, “My grace is sufficient for you” (II Corinthians 12:9)

I say, “I don’t know what to do.” He says, “I will direct you” (Proverbs 3:6)

I say, “I can’t do it.” He says, “You can do all things through Me” (Philippians 4:13)

I say, “It is not worth it.” He says, “It will be – just keep going” (Galatians 6:9)

I say, “I can’t forgive myself.” He says, “You can – because I have” (Ephesians 4:32)

I say, “I can’t make ends meet.” He says, “I will supply all your needs” (Philippians 4:19)

I say, “I am afraid.” He says, “I did not give you the spirit of fear but of power” (II Timothy 1:7)

I say, “I can’t handle this.” He says, “Give it to me; I will carry it for you” (Isaiah 46:4)

I say, “I am not smart enough.” He says, “I will give you wisdom” (James 1:5)

I say, “I am all alone.” He says, “I will never leave you nor forsake you” (Hebrews 13:5)

Which do you believe? Which speaks louder? Which do you choose to cling on to?

For me I chose to let what He says become what I say.


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