Can’t Find My Phone!

Has that ever happened to you? Believe me I can fully empathize with you.

Last night after watching a movie at the cinema, I could not find my hand phone. I thought I might have left it at home.

So when I arrived home, I started looking for it in every place that I could think of, including the bathrooms. I went through all the pockets in my clothes again. I even searched my entire car three times. My wife tried using her phone to call me. My ears were listening out for that familiar ringtone but there was none. Then the sudden realization: No Phone!

It dawned upon me that I have lost my hand phone. I probably must have dropped it. I tried calling many times but no one picked up my calls. I resort to Find My Phone Apps and realized I have not registered it on my Cloud drive.

My kids played up my worst fear. Perhaps the person who found my phone did not want to answer my call because he wants to steal it since it’s quite a new model and could fetch a handsome price from a secondhand phone dealer.

It was then I may have a bout of nomophobia or “no-mobile-phone phobia.”

I felt as if a part of me is lost. I couldn’t talk, text, tweet or whatsApp. I saw flash before me the disruptions of life and frustrations of people trying to reach me.

I was feeling stressed, worried and anxious wondering whether to call up my service provider to prevent the person who finds the phone from using MMS, IDD and making 1900 calls.

Then like the case of the missing ax head in II Kings 6:1-7, I decided to throw a “stick” of prayer into the waters of dismay and distress.

I prayed for the person who found my phone to be honest.

Minutes later, I received a call on my son’s phone that I have been using. The voice said, “I have found your phone.”

I was overjoyed as I met the young couple that found my phone. I wanted to reward them or buy them dinner for their honesty. But they wouldn’t have any of that.

That experience reminded me of how the shepherd must have felt when he finally found his lost sheep. Or how the woman must have felt when she eventually found her lost coin.

What a joy!


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