Honor Honesty

A week ago, this was on the front page of our Straits Times newspaper. It’s bit of old news but it is worth repeating.

Jonathan Chua, a 17-year-old student was playing for his school soccer team in a crucial match. His team was trailing 2-1 with another rival school team.

As the clock was ticking down, Jonathan dashed into the penalty area and fell over while executing a turn, just as a defender was sliding in with a challenge. The referee thought it was a foul and pointed straight to the spot for a penalty kick.

No one saw. No one knew. Not even the referee whom we often suspect was “kayu.” Except for Jonathan who knew there was no contact from the defender.

Even though this mistake by the referee might mean an equalizer for his team yet remarkably Jonathan persuaded the referee to overturn the decision.

For that Jonathan was praised by his team’s captain and head coach and earned a spot on the front-page news for doing the right thing.

Honesty is of utmost importance in every game of life. Imagine living in a world where no one tells the truth anymore. Yet the pervasive thought is if you can get away with it, then it is okay not to be honest.

In II Kings 12:15 we read the account of King Jehoash doing his repairs of the house of the Lord. But there was something interesting said of his building superintendents.

And they did not ask for an accounting from the men into whose hand they delivered the money to pay out to the workmen, for they dealt honestly.”

These nameless building superintendents of King Jehosah were honest. They didn’t have a “referee” to ensure they didn’t pocket the money or use them to pay old debts. They were self-refereeing. They handled money with complete honesty. No accounting was required of them. They worked with unquestioned integrity.

May we be numbered amongst those who honor honesty.


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